In today’s world, the insurance sector requires a comprehensive and flexible framework for making high-quality decisions.

Gnosis Insurance Data Warehouse is based on industry standards that may be used by both life and non-life insurance firms. Standard reports and/or Data Marts can be provided using it as a foundation.

Main Benefits

  • Ensures single version of truth. In this context, Snowflakes architecture was used, which reduces the dependencies between the tables to the necessary in order to avoid duplicate connections.
  • Fully automated end-to-end data warehouse update process
  • Gnosis Data Warehouse is totally parametric, allowing you to add fields, tables, and even entire data areas without writing code.
  • Includes a comprehensive set of detailed execution recordings, as well as ready-to-use reports for easy and thorough process monitoring.
  • Any change in the Data Model, updates the data dictionary immediately, saving time by avoiding the time-consuming manual update process.
  • Bottom-up method, which means that the analysis is based on coverage, whether it is for a portfolio or for premium income.
  • To turn business needs into actionable solutions, fosters collaboration and approval between business and IT, as needed.
  • Data is organized around a number of important business entities.
  • Comprehensive system consisting of more than 120 tables, covering 7 business areas
  • Gnosis Data Warehouse includes a metadata recording subsystem for the various table and field descriptions, which is then utilized to assemble the Data Dictionary.
  • Available on both on-premises and on Microsoft Azure Synapse environments

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