Core values

GNOSIS Management Ltd. founded in order to provide Data & Information Management Services and Business Solutions mainly for the Banking and Insurance Sectors.

Our competence is the analysis, design and implementation of data-driven projects such as Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics solutions. Our solutions are based on our multi-year expertise and leading technological platforms such as Microsoft Data Services and Qlik Business Discovery Platform.

Expertise and knowledge gained during all those years from data-driven projects, capitalized successfully on regulatory software solutions for the insurance industry (Solvency II, PRIIPS), solutions for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and for Governance, Regulatory and Compliance (GRC).

In addition to the above, we are offering a revolutionary solution on Process Mining which help organizations on any size and any industry to objectively identify issues on their processes and help optimize them. All that only with the help of algorithms based on data from event log files.

We help enterprises and organizations to better understand the past, manage the present and predict the future, with an easy to use environment, while providing seamless integration with existing operational databases & systems and business applications.

The above are accomplished with a Return on Investment (ROI) you have never experienced before