Business Solution for Insurance & Pension by Asseco

Asseco, one of the largest software houses in Europe, offers a  software suite that can collect and automatize calculation and reporting processes in the company and give the users better control, greater overview and complete transparency.

The Main Benefits of the offering are:

  • Always optimized and compliant
  • User-friendly workflow and audit
  • Fast installation and out-of-the-box
  • Integration with internal processes, models and projects
  • Option for partial or full business process outsourcing

Asseco’s software solutions assist businesses in streamlining their operations.

Asseco’s solutions help you save time and gain a better understanding of the entire calculating and reporting process. Furthermore, Gnosis provides consulting services and projects in all sectors related to the solutions for firms seeking additional expertise or optimization in certain business areas. The software solutions are aimed at the insurance business and are part of a suite of software solutions. A list of a handful of the solutions can be seen below: