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About Us

GNOSIS Management Ltd. was founded to offer Data and Information Management Services as well as Business Solutions.

Analysis, design, and implementation of data-driven projects such as Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence (BI), and Data Analytics solutions are among our specialties. Our solutions are built on our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology platforms such as Microsoft SQL and the Azure computing environment.

Simultaneously, we provide data-driven process optimization and process automation consulting services and solutions, leveraging modern technologies (process mining and low-code platforms) to assist organizations in objectively identifying issues in their processes, optimizing them, and finally automating them in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The knowledge was obtained from a number of projects and industry-specific solutions like Solvency II, IFRS17, and non-financial reporting.

We help businesses and organizations better understand the past, manage the present, and anticipate the future by providing an easy-to-use environment that integrates seamlessly with existing operational databases, systems, and business applications.

All the above is accomplished with a never-before-seen Return on Investment (ROI).

We offer a wide array of services aimed at simplifying your life

Data Documentation & Data Governance

Why an organization needs a metadata management system

Data Driven Process Analysis & Optimization

When an organization undergoes a transformation, business processes are generally the first to experience the effects

Data Warehouse Modernization

Do you want to build a new or modernize your existing Data Warehouse and Data Marts?

Process Automation

A growing number of companies are relying on digital technology to manage their data and access real-time information

Why an organization needs a metadata management system

By having a metadata management system in place, an organization is able to have its employees add metadata into their repositories quickly and accurately without affecting the access of data within their systems. It improves creative workflows, thus enabling enhanced business processes.

With Data Dictionary & Data Catalog, Business Glossary, and ERDs, you can collect, maintain, and distribute valuable tribal knowledge in a single metadata repository.

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